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Dentists in Silver Spring: Top Recommendations for a Cleaner Mouth, PART 1

One of my favorite expressions used by dentists in Silver Spring is this: "You don't have to brush all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep!" If you consider the statistics for gum disease (80% of all Americans suffer from some form or stage of it) it becomes apparent that there is a massive divide between what we know about oral health care and what we do about it. We all know we should be brushing our teeth twice a day, if not more frequently. We all know we should be flossing every single day. We all know that we should book an appointment with dentists in Silver Spring twice a year to have our teeth thoroughly inspected and professionally cleaned. But if we all adhered to these guidelines, would the statistics of gum disease be as dire as they are? No, of course not!

Dentists in Silver Spring
Here's your second chance to turn your oral health around and give it the attention it deserves. Everyone wants the social benefits of a beautiful smile, complete with white flawless teeth and pink, healthy-looking gums, say dentists in Silver Spring. In this three-part article series, we will discuss the top recommendations for maintaining a cleaner and ergo, healthier mouth.

Dentists in Silver Spring: Let's Begin With Brushing…

You may think you know all you need to know about brushing your teeth, but according to dentists in Silver Spring (and what they see in the average patient) there is much we all still need to learn! We've brushed our teeth for as long as we can remember. But the right habits aren't always nurtured and when this happens, incorrect, even detrimental habits become normal for us. This is why so many patients don't think they're doing anything wrong, even when they skip brushes, say dentists in Silver Spring.

First and foremost, everyone should brush their teeth at least twice a day. You should do this as soon as you wake up, when your mouth is dry, lined with old saliva (charming) and alive with bacteria. The last thing you want to do is start eating breakfast with all these micro-organisms in your mouth, say dentists in Silver Spring, because the first stop on their journey through your alimentary canal is your stomach. You must also brush your teeth at night time to make sure you go to bed with a squeaky-clean mouth. This is the bare minimum and is what most patients do. But keeping your teeth for a lifetime involves more than just the bare minimum, say dentists in Silver Spring…

Here are some important tips you should incorporate into your brushing routine:
  1. Brush THREE times a day! Scrub those pearly whites as soon as you wake up, before you go to bed at night and during the day sometime; perhaps after lunch so that you get back to work minty fresh and sans unattractive tuna breath (and spinach teeth.)
  1. Brush for two minutes at a time. A quick go-over will not reduce bacterial numbers sufficiently to keep the formation of plaque and tartar at bay, explain dentists in Silver Spring. When you wash your dishes, you don't just clean the one corner of the plate, you wash its entire surface area! So why not give each tooth in your mouth the attention it deserves? Dentists in Silver Spring frequently see patients whose front teeth are relatively clean, but whose back teeth have clearly been neglected. The rule of thumb here is to brush for two minutes at a time, dedicating 30 seconds to each quadrant of the mouth. Brush the tops of the crowns and both sides.
  1. Don't keep your toothbrush in a closed plastic container. These storage units trap moisture and encourage bacterial growth, say dentists in Silver Spring. Bacteria love humid environments, so store your toothbrush in a closed, but aired cabinet, preferably placed upright in a cup.
  1. Replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or when the bristles become frayed, say dentists in Silver Spring.
Dentists Silver Spring
One last thing: don't brush too hard or you'll start scrubbing away your dental enamel, warn dentists in Silver Spring. Opt for a soft to medium toothbrush and use fluoride toothpaste. You'll keep your pearly whites in great condition if you do!

Dentists in Silver Spring: Stay Tuned

There's much, much more to a rigorous home oral hygiene routine than just brushing, so stay tuned for part 2 and 3 to find out what else you could be doing to keep your smile bright, beautiful and healthy!

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