Sunday, 14 October 2012

10 Reasons Silver Spring Dentists Recommend Dental Implants Over Removable Dentures

There are so many different factors that can cause one or more of your teeth to become irreparably damaged or decayed that in all likelihood you will, at some stage during your life, need to think about tooth replacement, explain Silver Spring dentists. When you do face the prospect of tooth loss as a result of a long battle with periodontal (gum) disease dental implants should always be your technology of choice. Here are the top 10 reasons Silver Spring dentists recommend dental implants over removable dentures, or false teeth.

Ten Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants:
  1. Dental implants are fixed and non-removable, so a patient’s teeth cannot shift around during eating and conversation, say Silver Spring dentists.
  1. Dental implants are cleaned just like natural teeth; with regular brushing and flossing. No need for any fancy and expensive cleaning products and technologies, say Silver Spring dentists.
  1. Dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw, where, over the course of a few months, they fuse with the surrounding bone tissue. This enables them to support a strong and natural bite force, explain Silver Spring dentists. Unlike removable dentures, therefore, dental implants allow patients to eat all the foods they love and to enjoy the health benefits of a balanced diet.
  1. Dental implants support ceramic crowns or prosthetic bridges that are expertly custom fabricated by Silver Spring dentists to look just like a natural tooth or set of teeth.
  1. Removable dentures rely on their bulkiness to prevent them from slipping around. This additional mass pushes on the lips from inside the mouth, causing them to look thin, stretched and aged, say Silver Spring dentists. Dental implants are, just like natural teeth, supported entirely by the jaw bone and so do not affect a patient’s smile aesthetics, other than to make them look beautiful of course!
  1. Dental implants feel like natural teeth and don’t cause any self-consciousness, pain or discomfort. Dentures require patients to buy all sorts of products, such as anesthetic gels, to numb the pain and discomfort caused by these hard plastic teeth replacement devices, say Silver Spring dentists.
  1. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants do not trigger the gag reflex or cause taste impediment. The bridges supported by dental implants don’t harbor food and bacteria, which can lead to halitosis, say Silver Spring dentists.
  1. Dental implants make eating easy, enabling patients to really enjoy their meals, whether they’re eating with friends and family or on their own, explain Silver Spring dentists.

  1. Dental implants promote the long-term health of the underlying bone tissue. By replacing the important source of stimulation that was previously supplied by the tooth roots, these ingenious dental devices help to prevent atrophy of the hard tissue and the subsequent remodeling of the jaw, explain Silver Spring dentists. This not only preserves the natural and more youthful contours of a patient’s face, but it also prevents further dental problems and tooth loss.
  1. Dental implants last decades if placed by a qualified and experienced implant dentist and if cared for properly by the patient. In fact, they can last as long as 20, 30 years and longer! Removable dentures, on the other hand, frequently require refitting every few years or so and will continue to do so for as long as a patient wears them.

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