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Dentists In Silver Spring Talk About The Benefits Of Dental Implants

This article explains what dental implants are, how they work and the various benefits they offer.

So you’ve just noticed a strange pain in your gums, and one of your teeth feels a bit loose. “Was that pain there yesterday? Oh well, it will probably go away tomorrow!” Or at least that’s what you tell yourself to avoid that visit to your local dentist. Unfortunately these seemingly insignificant pains and problems are really your mouth’s way of telling you that it needs help! Millions of people living in the United States suffer from tooth loss and this is due to a variety of reasons. However, dentists in Silver Spring offer a comprehensive and simple solution that will have you wondering why you’ve put that visit off for so long.

Dental implants Silver Spring are considered to be one of the most significant advances to be made in the dental science community in recent decades. And it is not difficult to understand why. In this article, we will be outlining the benefits of dental implants and why they are really considered the only worthwhile solution to missing teeth. First, however...

What are Dental Implants?
Dental Implants Silver Spring

Dental implants are comprised of the non-corrosive, light-weight and incredibly durable titanium metal. Titanium has the very unique quality of being able to support strong biological bonds with living bone tissue. Once the titanium screw has successfully osseointegrated (bonded with the bone), your new tooth will be affixed to it and will subsequently stay firmly rooted in the jawbone and function like a natural tooth!

Dental Implants: The Benefits!

Aside from the fact that they are virtually impossible to differentiate from natural teeth, they also function and feel natural. But there are far more benefits than just the aesthetics;

  • Minimum discomfort: By using sophisticated computer software and 3D virtual imaging technology, dentists in Silver Spring are able to look at the inside and internal structures of your mouth from every angle. This helps them to determine the least invasive and most economical surgical plan possible. This means minimal incisions and sutures, which in turn means minimal post-operative pain and discomfort, as well as a shortened recovery period.

  • They feel and work like natural teeth: This enables you to return to your normal life and daily activities, enjoying your favorite foods as soon as the implants have properly ‘osseointegrated’ with your jaw.

  • Self-sustaining answer: Because dental implants are ‘rooted’ in the bone of the jaw, they are non-removable and do not move around or cause damage to neighboring teeth like traditional dentures or bridges tend to. Your dental implants are free-standing and do not require the support of the neighboring teeth. As a result, they typically do not irritate the soft tissues in the mouth, preventing inflammation and infection.

  • They last a long time: If cared for correctly with good oral hygiene and frequent visits to your implantologist, your new implants could last you a lifetime!

A Few Final Words

Dentists in Silver Spring - Dental Health AssociatesAccording to dentists in Silver Spring, many people unfortunately opt for traditional dentures or bridges because they consider it to be a cheaper option, however, in the long term, dental implants will not only save you money but they will also improve your quality of life. Denture wearers spend a fortune on denture products, such as cleaning gels and solutions, as well as frequently visiting their dentists to have them re-adjusted due to the structural changing of the jaw bone. Furthermore dentures come with an array of embarrassing challenges (visibly moving around) and tedious tasks, such as removal for cleaning. Dental implants stay where they belong and will allow you the freedom to carry on with your life without added chores!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Dentist in Silver Spring Discusses the “All-On-4” Implant Procedure

This article explains why the ‘All-on-4’ procedure is considered the most comprehensive and effective solution to tooth loss and edentulism. It explains the causes of tooth loss and exactly how the ‘All-on-4’ procedure works.

There are 38 million Americans living without any original teeth left and if the statistics of tooth loss are to be believed (and they are), tooth loss is a certainty that a considerable proportion of the population faces as they enter into their late adulthood. Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the revolutionary “All-On-4” technique; a dental implant protocol that provides patients with a fantastic answer to a mouth full of missing or failing teeth.

During the 1990’s, world renown implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo developed the “All-on-4” in collaboration with one of the world’s largest dental implant manufacturers, Nobel Biocare. This dental implant protocol would go on to become the most important breakthrough in the field of dentistry since the innovation of implants themselves. Since its development, the “All-on-4” has improved the quality of life of countless people in countries all over the world.

”All-On-4” Protocol: The Details

Silver Spring Dentist - Dental Health Associates

The leading cause of edentulism (toothlessness), near-edentulism and a failing dentition in the United States is periodontitis or gum disease. Missing teeth can start causing bone loss in the jaw and without the support of the bone; the roots of your teeth will become unstable and fall out or need to be removed.

According to the Dentist in Silver Spring, the “All-on-4” procedure differs from traditional dental implant methods in that it almost never requires bone grafting, which saves patients the pain, incredible cost and time-consuming healing process typically required by this additional surgery. It is the incredible design behind the “All-on-4” that enables your dental rehabilitation team to give you a full set of stunning, new and non-removable teeth. But if that wasn’t impressive enough, this can be accomplished in as little as a single dental appointment!

The “All-On-4”: How Does It Work?

Dentist in Silver Spring

The “All-On-4” dental implant technique is made up of a custom-tailored prosthetic dental bridge (a firm construction of a full set of aesthetic and functional replacement teeth) attached to the abutments of four dental implants. Using advanced imaging software and 3D Cone Beam CT, a qualified Silver Spring dentist can insert the dental implants with hardly any incisions, making the “All-On-4” far less invasive in nature. This reduces post-operative pain and the length of the recovery period.

Once your dental implants have been successfully inserted, your prosthodontist, or dentist, can take over and place your new teeth on the very same day! Speak to a Silver Spring dentist about why the “All-On-4” is the best possible solution to tooth loss and edentulism, not only aesthetically but functionally as well. Since the “All-on-4” bridge is secured tightly to your jaw using dental implants, you will feel far freer to smile, eat and talk openly with friends, family and colleagues.

A Final Note on the “All-on-4”

Although your smile is worth a million bucks, it shouldn’t have to cost you as much! Thankfully, the “All-on-4” costs tens of thousands of dollars less than traditional dental implant protocols and this comes down to the lesser number of implants used, the fewer surgeries it takes and the fact that it rarely requires bone grafting!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

What The Dentist In Silver Spring MD Has To Say About Dental Implants, PART 2

In this two part article series we will be explaining exactly what dental implants are, how they work, what the procedure entails and why they are the superior solution to replace missing teeth.

Welcome back to the second installment of this two part article series! In our previous post, we explained what dental implants are and how they work. In this article we will be outlining the benefits and advantages of this fantastic teeth replacement technology.

Due to a number of reasons, there will likely come a time when you will have to consider your options for obtaining new teeth. Thankfully, a dentist from Silver Spring MD can offer a comprehensive and long-lasting solution to your oral health woes in the form of dental implants. If you read our first installment you now know what dental implants are and how they work, but why choose them over the option of traditional removable dentures or dental bridges? In truth, the question should be: why would anyone choose removable dentures or bridges over dental implants? Here’s why...

Dental Implants: It’s a Revolutionary Science

Dentists in Silver Spring MD

Dental implants are considered one of the most important advances to have been made in recent decades. They offer benefits that would leave you guessing as to why you would ever consider another option. Dental implants are virtually impossible to differentiate from natural, healthy teeth and the biological bonds formed between the bone tissue and the titanium dental implant allows the whole structure to stay firmly ‘rooted’ in the jawbone and function like a natural tooth!

Dental Implants: Benefits and Advantages

  • Self-standing solution: Because dental implants are freestanding, due to being ‘rooted’ in the bone of the jaw, they do not require support from surrounding teeth and gums like removable dentures and bridges do. This is a massive benefit because as a result they usually don’t rest on and cause irritability and inflammation of the gums. They also don’t typically damage the neighboring teeth.

  • Minimum discomfort: The use of sophisticated computer software and 3D virtual imaging allow dentists in Silver Spring MD to insert dental implants at Maryland using as few incisions and stitches as possible. Consequently, post-operative pain is greatly reduced and your recovery period shortened.

Dental Implants Maryland - Dental Health Associates

  • Complete restoration of oral aesthetics: The gaps left by missing teeth are filled by the dental implants, which restore the confidence that naturally comes with having a beautiful smile.

  • Natural oral functionality: Dental implants function and feel very much like healthy natural teeth. You can return to your daily life enjoying all the foods that you love as soon as your implants have ‘osseointegrated’ with the jaw.

  • Speech: Missing teeth can jeopardize your speech and articulation, as teeth play a vital role in this function. Dental implants effectively help fill the gaps and return correct interaction between the lips, teeth and tongue during speech.

  • Lasting solution: Dental implants can last many decades and even a lifetime if they are cared for properly with a good standard of lifelong oral hygiene. Implants are the perfect option for a long-term solution to your missing teeth misery!

Signing Off

Additional benefits include: the promotion of dental stability, functional stimulation and preservation of bone and gum shape. Dentists in Silver Spring MD can help you to feel optimistic and confident as a result of your new, beautifully beaming and healthy smile.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What The Dentist In Silver Spring Has To Say About Dental Implants, PART 1

In this two-part article series, we will be explaining exactly what dental implants are, how they work, what the procedure entails and why they are the superior solution to replacing missing teeth.

Due to a great variety of reasons, people living in the United States are often faced with the reality of losing one or more of their natural teeth. Whether the cause is accidental trauma received to the face or an advanced oral bacterial infection (periodontal disease), the fact remains: a missing tooth or teeth can be an eyesore, not to mention a grave oral health risk.

In this two-part article series, we will be explaining the ins and outs of dental implant technology. With the help of a dentist in Silver Spring, we will clarify why dental implants are by far the most sophisticated and effective solution to missing teeth today’s dental healthcare professionals have to offer.

Dental Implants: What Are They?

Dental Implants - Dental Health Associates

Dental Implants are teeth replacement contraptions that look like tiny metal screws. They are in fact constructed from titanium, which is strong, durable, lightweight, stable and non-corrodible. Titanium is also used because it is 100% biocompatible and supports a biological bonding process known as ‘osseointegration’. This discovery was made in the 1950’s by Swedish professor Per-Ingvar BrÃ¥nemark together with his clinical research team: a discovery that has constituted a very important breakthrough in modern dentistry and orthopedic surgery.

Dental Implants: How Do They Work?

If you are suffering from tooth loss or a failing tooth root, the implant site will be cleared and surgically prepared for dental implant insertion. Once your dentist has successfully inserted the titanium implant and attached a temporary ceramic dental crown, you will be allowed to go home and recover. Over the next few weeks and months, the bone will heal around the implant and bond to its surface. While ‘osseointegration’ is underway, your Silver Spring dentist will provide you with a provisional crown or bridge, so that you don’t have to feel self-conscious about a broken or gappy smile.

Once you have healed, the implant will provide the necessary foundation for the placement of your new permanent ceramic tooth crown or customized bridge. These are constructed from durable ceramics and resin materials, which enable them to look and function like healthy, natural teeth. Furthermore, they will be virtually indistinguishable in appearance from the tooth or teeth they are replacing. Your new dental implants will not only leave you with a fully functional bite, but you will enjoy the benefits of a much-improved smile and all the confidence that brings!

Dentist Silver Spring

Wrapping Things Up: Stay Tuned for Part 2

Dental implants come with a generous list of benefits and advantages that should not be ignored. The incredible science that goes into the manufacturing of dental restorations, dental implants and the procedures followed to place them enable the dentist in Silver Spring to provide patients with replacement teeth that can last a lifetime if looked after properly.

In this article we explained exactly what dental implants are and how they work. Stay tuned for the second installment of this article series, when we will give you the benefits and advantages of dental implants and explain why thousands of Americans have made the smart teeth replacement choice.