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A Comprehensive Outline of Dental Implants by Silver Spring Cosmetic Dentist, PART 1

In this two-part article series, we take a comprehensive look at dental implants. We explain what they are, how they work, what the treatment entails and what benefits and advantages they come hand-in-hand with.

Millions of Americans deal with tooth loss on any given day. This unfortunate situation may be the result of poor dental habits, accidental trauma or general wear-and-tear. Our teeth offer more than just an important visual purpose; we require teeth in order to converse and articulate correctly. Furthermore, our teeth necessitate the very basic but indispensable function of chewing food. This is why when presenting with tooth loss you should consider the best possible solution for replacing your teeth with long-lasting, 100% functional and beautiful teeth. A Silver Spring cosmetic dentist explains that there simply is no better solution for dealing with tooth loss than dental implants. In this two-part article series, we will be providing you with a comprehensive explanation of what dental implants are and what benefits and advantages they offer.

Dental Implants: What Are They?

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Dental implants have come into view as the best resolution modern dentistry has to offer patients who have lost one or more or even all of their natural teeth. These smart devices in effect serve as self-supporting synthetic tooth roots. Dental implants are constructed from the exceedingly resilient, lightweight and non-corrosive metal, titanium. In the 1950’s, Swedish professor Per-Ingvar BrÃ¥nemark along with his clinical research team discovered that titanium is able to support a biological fusion process termed ‘osseointegration,’ during which bone tissue bonds with the surface of the metal. Discovering this breakthrough has provided the perfect solution for creating a fixed and non-removable tooth root that could remain permanently rooted in the jawbone. It also contributed enormously to the field of orthopedic surgery.

Dental Implants: Why Are They Superior?

At the end of the day, technology will always be in a process of evolution. Currently, dental implants are at the top of the innovative food chain when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Traditional dentures are fast becoming an option of the past. A dentist in Silver Spring explains that dental implants offer a far more efficient and beneficial solution for the treatment of missing teeth and the placement of new teeth. Dental implants have demonstrated to be far better in function, appearance, comfort, health and lifetime in contrast to other options available, such as traditional removable dentures and dental bridges.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • “Your new teeth will work, appear and feel like healthy natural teeth,” says a Silver Spring cosmetic dentist. This means that you can return to life as normal and enjoy your new teeth in exactly the same way that you did your natural, original teeth.

  • Modern dentistry utilizes sophisticated computer imaging software and 3D virtual scanning technologies that allow oral surgeons to place dental implants using techniques that involve minimal discomfort. This results in incredibly successful surgeries and a much shortened recovery period, too.

  • “Dental implants are rooted in the bone of the jaw. This means that they do not require support from surrounding teeth and gums like dentures or dental bridges do,” says a Silver Spring cosmetic dentist. “For this reason, dental implants do not typically cause irritation or inflammation, nor do they inflict damage or discomfort on the surrounding teeth or gums.”

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  • Since our teeth play an important role in our articulation and speech, dental implants help in reinstating correct interface between the teeth, tongue and lips during speech.

  • Your dental restorations will be modeled and crafted to fit perfectly and resemble your natural, original teeth, giving you the confidence to eat and smile with self-assurance.

Stay Tuned

Join us for the second article of this two-part series where we will be looking a little closer at dental implant treatment. We’ll also provide further reasons why dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth!

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