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The Dentist in Silver Spring Discusses the “All-On-4” Implant Procedure

This article explains why the ‘All-on-4’ procedure is considered the most comprehensive and effective solution to tooth loss and edentulism. It explains the causes of tooth loss and exactly how the ‘All-on-4’ procedure works.

There are 38 million Americans living without any original teeth left and if the statistics of tooth loss are to be believed (and they are), tooth loss is a certainty that a considerable proportion of the population faces as they enter into their late adulthood. Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the revolutionary “All-On-4” technique; a dental implant protocol that provides patients with a fantastic answer to a mouth full of missing or failing teeth.

During the 1990’s, world renown implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo developed the “All-on-4” in collaboration with one of the world’s largest dental implant manufacturers, Nobel Biocare. This dental implant protocol would go on to become the most important breakthrough in the field of dentistry since the innovation of implants themselves. Since its development, the “All-on-4” has improved the quality of life of countless people in countries all over the world.

”All-On-4” Protocol: The Details

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The leading cause of edentulism (toothlessness), near-edentulism and a failing dentition in the United States is periodontitis or gum disease. Missing teeth can start causing bone loss in the jaw and without the support of the bone; the roots of your teeth will become unstable and fall out or need to be removed.

According to the Dentist in Silver Spring, the “All-on-4” procedure differs from traditional dental implant methods in that it almost never requires bone grafting, which saves patients the pain, incredible cost and time-consuming healing process typically required by this additional surgery. It is the incredible design behind the “All-on-4” that enables your dental rehabilitation team to give you a full set of stunning, new and non-removable teeth. But if that wasn’t impressive enough, this can be accomplished in as little as a single dental appointment!

The “All-On-4”: How Does It Work?

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The “All-On-4” dental implant technique is made up of a custom-tailored prosthetic dental bridge (a firm construction of a full set of aesthetic and functional replacement teeth) attached to the abutments of four dental implants. Using advanced imaging software and 3D Cone Beam CT, a qualified Silver Spring dentist can insert the dental implants with hardly any incisions, making the “All-On-4” far less invasive in nature. This reduces post-operative pain and the length of the recovery period.

Once your dental implants have been successfully inserted, your prosthodontist, or dentist, can take over and place your new teeth on the very same day! Speak to a Silver Spring dentist about why the “All-On-4” is the best possible solution to tooth loss and edentulism, not only aesthetically but functionally as well. Since the “All-on-4” bridge is secured tightly to your jaw using dental implants, you will feel far freer to smile, eat and talk openly with friends, family and colleagues.

A Final Note on the “All-on-4”

Although your smile is worth a million bucks, it shouldn’t have to cost you as much! Thankfully, the “All-on-4” costs tens of thousands of dollars less than traditional dental implant protocols and this comes down to the lesser number of implants used, the fewer surgeries it takes and the fact that it rarely requires bone grafting!

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