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Dentists In Silver Spring Talk To Us About The “All-On-4” Procedure

This article addresses questions including: What is the“All-on-4” Procedure? How does it work? And why might I need to consider it?

Millions of Americans have lost all their teeth, while tens of millions have lost up to 15 of their original teeth. Can you hear the all-knowing voice of reason stoked by the paranoia of a guilty conscience whispering in your ear? “Perhaps it’s time for a little oral TLC?” Tooth loss and ‘edentulism’ (not having any of your original adult teeth left, usually related to periodontal disease), is a reality that a significant percentage of the population faces as they enter into the celebrations and tribulations of late adulthood.

Disappointingly, many patients in need of new teeth are told by their dentists that they are not candidates for dental implants and this is typically as a result of bone loss in the jaw. But fear not for all hope is NOT lost! Dentists in Silver Spring offer a solution in the form of the revolutionary “All-On-4” dental implant technique.

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In 1993, Dr. Paulo Malo developed the “All-on-4”, a procedure that is today considered one of the most significant breakthroughs to have been made in the field of fixed oral rehabilitation. Since its conception, this surgical protocol has quite literally altered the lives of tens of thousands of people suffering from a failing dentition and edentulism.

Why Should I Consider the ‘All-on-4’ Option?

Periodontal disease is the foremost cause of tooth loss and edentulism in the United States. This condition is marked by an advanced oral bacterial infection that collect in deep pockets of decay around the tooth roots. This eventually leads to tooth loss and then bone loss if timely intervention is not made. Traditional dental implant procedures typically require bone-grafting surgery before implants can be placed. This is because dental implants, just like natural teeth, require adequate bone volume in order to be supported.

Bone grafting is unfortunately very invasive and therefore painful and costly for the patient. On top of that, it also comes with a lengthy healing period. This is where the ‘All-on-4’ protocol is unique: it almost always bypasses the need for bone grafting.

How Does the ‘All-on-4’ Procedure Work?

In as little as a single dental appointment, the ‘All-on-4’ can give patients a brand new set of fixed and permanent teeth. As opposed to traditional dental implant procedures, which can often take up to eight appointments, multiple surgeries and many months, the ‘All-on-4’ is a superior solution to both these older procedures and archaic teeth replacement technologies, such as removable dentures. Consisting of four dental implants and a custom dental prosthesis (see image below); the ‘All-on-4’ is a tooth replacement solution that offers comprehensive benefits.

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Silver Spring dentists use sophisticated computer imaging software and 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CT scans) in order to design a highly specific, safe and minimally invasive surgical treatment plan for the patient. This drastically reduces post-operative pain and discomfort while shortening the recovery period. On the very same day, once the implants are inserted, a prosthodontist or your own dentist can fit you with the ‘All-on-4’ prosthetic dental bridge: in other words, a brand new set of fully functional and beautiful teeth! The ‘All-on-4’ can give patients instant smile results in as little as a single dental appointment!

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