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Dentists in Silver Spring: Top Recommendations for a Cleaner Mouth, PART 2

Welcome back to our three-part article series on oral health and hygiene! This series is dedicated to helping everyone understand what it takes to really keep your teeth and gums in excellent condition, which, as we have already discussed, requires so much more than just twice-daily brushing. In this article, the second installment of the series, dentists in Silver Spring shall move on from talking about proper brushing habits and techniques and examine the next fundamental component of any home oral healthcare regime: flossing!

Dentists in Silver Spring: Floss Those Pearly Whites!

99% of all the patients’ dentists in Silver Spring see have some strange hang-up about flossing. It’s such a short and simple exercise, yet the vast majority of Americans simply don’t do it! One can only conclude from this that parents aren’t teaching their children from an early age that flossing is just as important to keeping your teeth clean and your gums healthy as brushing. Let’s look at it rationally…

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Bacteria are tiny, tiny creatures that are visible only through the lens of a microscope, say dentists in Silver Spring. What you may see as the tight and impenetrable spaces between your teeth, they see as great big open voids. Better still, these spaces are sheltered from the sweeping bristles of your toothbrush. This is why you absolutely need to floss your teeth at least once a day, stress dentists in Silver Spring. All of the gum disease cases dental professionals attend to involve patients that simply haven’t given lifelong oral health and hygiene maintenance the time and effort it deserves.

Here are some important and useful flossing tips from dentists in Silver Spring:
  • Floss each and every tooth, working the dental tape gently down into the gums between the teeth. You will be utterly shocked at the gunk you excavate from between your teeth, even AFTER you’ve given them a good brush, say dentists in Silver Spring.
  • Floss every day and preferably before you go to bed at night. Dentists in Silver Spring floss twice a day, so if you wanted to follow their example…
  • It can be dreadfully boring staring at yourself in the mirror while you floss. Keep a canister next to your bed or within reach of your favorite TV-viewing chair. If your family doesn’t mind you sending bits of your dinner all over the living room, then you can get your oral grooming done while watching Oprah. If they do mind, then remind them firmly who pays the bills (and who cleans the house.) If your significant other REALLY minds it and he or she happens to be responsible for cleaning the house, then floss in the bathroom like everyone else, say dentists in Silver Spring. Your attention span really can’t be that short.
Keep this in mind: if you’re new to flossing, or haven’t been good about doing it regularly in the past, then you may notice that your gums bleed a little bit, say dentists in Silver Spring. Many patients cite this as the reason they don’t floss, which is really a bit of a cop-out. After a few days, your gums should toughen up; however, if they continue to bleed, or do so copiously, then you may require professional treatment. Bleeding gums are never normal, stress dentists in Silver Spring. They’re indicative of a weakening of the soft tissue, which, in turn, is attributed to bacterial infection and conditions such as gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease.)

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Dentists in Silver Spring: Stay Tuned

We’ve covered brushing and now flossing. But there’s so much more you can do to keep your teeth in beautiful life-long shape. Stay tuned for the final installment of this article series to find out what dentists in Silver Spring recommend for an optimally clean mouth and a beautiful smile!

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